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Welcome to the website of McKinney Islamic Association. We are located at 2940 W. Eldorado Parkway, McKinney, TX 75070. The association is serving the Muslim Community living in the city of McKinney, TX and neighboring cities.

The islamic center offers a place to pray,learn and practice Islam.

Announcement Announcement
2015-06-26 06:53:40

MIA friday 6/26/15 announcements

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ


Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah

Dear Community members

Juma'ah Mubarakah in Shaa Allah

And Ramadan Kareem

 Juma'ah Ist Khutbah at 1.45 PM Always

Khateeb : Imam Shakel Vawda

Juma'ah 2nd Khutbah at 3.00 PM

Khateeb: our Imam Sheikh Majed Sabke

Today's Khutbah in support of DV and peace in the home

Appeal fund Raising for TMWF Texas Muslim women foundation

We are starting a 2nd Khutbah in Ramadan Due to the over crowd  

Take advantage of it and let us all pray in comfort

Parking allowed at the shopping center 3rd raw facing eldorado only

 Please cooperate and show respect to the neighbor's rights

 No parking on fire lanes violators will be ticketed by police.

No parking in the drive way we must keep the drive way clear for exit to allow

Access for the 2nd Khutbah.

Additional parking at the Sun fresh store across Eldorado

Jazakum Allah Kheeran

****McKinney Masjid Operation Fund Raising****

 Please Support your Masjid in this blessed month and get extra Rewards

**** Ramadan Taraweeh ****

Start after Isha'a Prayer 10.00 PM

Lead by Sheikh Hafedh Saif Shiaab

 Space for families and plenty of parking around the Masjid

Please join the prayers and benefit in this blessed month

   **** Week End community Iftar *****

 "InshahAllah, MIA will have community Iftar on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays during the month of Ramadan. To keep the Iftar program going  it is important that we collect iftar contributions there are 8 slots for One Day iftar. Contribution per slot is $250. 00 You can contribute whole iftar for a day or as many slots as you would like. If you are planning to contribute we humbly request you to plan ahead and pay your contribution to MIA at the earliest. Payment can by done through the kiosks in the Masjid or to shura members. Ramadan Kareem" or call 214-785-2469

Ramadan Fitra is $10.00 per member regardless of age please give it ASAP

                                             **** Sadaqa and Zakat collection *****

M IA will collect your Sadaqa and Zakat money and distribute it through out the year

To needy families and help Muslims in the community in cooperation with IACC

And TMWFand other relief organizations.

So please donate in your own Masjid to help your community and beyond

    ******If you use the link below when you shop at Amazon Masjid will ******

Get a small donation

 Make Du'aa of Magferah for all our brothers & sisters who past away  

 Du'aa for Shefa'a for Brother Sajed Quraishi who had a stroke two days ago and still in the centennial hospital and all our brothers and sisters who need shefa'a

Join our McKinney groups on yahoo and like our page on face book and stay tuned to current events.

Salat Timing Change starting tomorrow 6-26-15

Fajer                         5:15 AM

Zuhor                       1.30 PM

Aser                         6.30 PM

Magrib                     8: 45 PM

ISha                         10:00 PM


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Fair, Click for detailed weather for 75069Fair
Temp: 79°F (feels like 82°F)

  Adhan Salat
1:45 PM
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Sahih Bukhari Vol 1, Book 1, No 1
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"And when there are present at the division the relatives and the orphans and the needy, give them (something) out of it and speak to them kind words."

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